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Sail On

Sail On

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After writing a pioneering gay TV drama series in the nineties and knowing nothing but success afterwards, Adam Donovan mysteriously abandons Hollywood for his hometown of Redmond, Washington.

When attorney Natalie Summers asks him to take in three roughed-up orphan girls from L.A., Adam is as surprised as anyone when he says yes. The oldest is rude and shrewd—she threatened to kill him the first night they met—but maybe that's why he's drawn to her.

Natalie soon develops misgivings about how healthy Adam is for his instant family. His drug use aside, his life philosophy—Wednesday is for sailing, Thursday is for pizza—leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe she's just rushing to judgment, like her newfound suspicion regarding her own fiancĂ© being unfit for marriage, let alone kids.

Parental guidance isn't easy. Doubts around every corner, Adam just might find success one last time if superstar Craig Jordan would stop hounding him over his horrible robot movie script.

He left Hollywood for a reason.

Adam was ready to sail on.